A clear, tidy and minimal design is basic for an effective and intuitive communication. This is one of the key points of my elaborations of a new design.


Besides an effective communication the main thing is to be able, to distinguish yourself by the rest of the world. A unique style makes unique your project, your company, your life.


It’s important to be elegant without resulting ‘classic’ or ‘common’. It’s also functional to search for lines, geometrical or abstract figures matched non-invasive colours. That’s what I do, without never betraying this principle.


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One of the most important key points of corporate identity is the creation of a logotype that is immediately recognizable by consumers and provides uniqueness and visibility in the markets to the company. A well thought logo gives to your company a competitive advantage over the competition.


To be recognizable need a strong identity. Increase awareness that consumers have of you, cultivate their loyalty, with an image clear, consistent and reassuring. Representing the company’s values through unique and balanced graphic lines. Brand Identity is the company spirit graphically transferred to the institutional and advertising media (business cards, letterhead, brochures, …)

Wrap Design

In addition to a constant and relevant presence on the web, it is also important to give visibility to your business in the non-virtual spaces. They could be busy city streets with an high presence of people and potential customers or less crowded and populated spaces in which your brand will be prominently displayed. A vehicle with a unique, clean, tidy but at the same time impressive, bold and eye-catching design will make unique your company.


Social media now are a fairly important part of our life. Create interactions, flows of people, opportunities. Precisely for this reason, aggregate, manage and communicate in a relevant way to communities on major social media could be a vital source for the creation of positive synergies between people, brands and your company.


Be found on the web is essential. Create a website visually appealing, intuitive, easy to use, functional to the business needs and then manage it in a precise and continuous way for a long time means to be ready at a constant and simultaneous comparison with a lot of potential customers worldwide.

Car, Truck or Van
Wrap Design

Be proud to drive your vehicle.

The best way to advertise your company

As a small or medium-sized business owner, you’re always looking for powerful ways to advertise your company. Advertising using vehicle wraps is one of the best ways to make your business name shine above all the others. Aside from online advertising, it’s the only offline marketing that works for you 24/7,

365 days a year. Furthermore, vehicle advertising can reach many people you would never reach in the online world. So, if you’ve been thinking about putting a vehicle wrap on your car, van or truck, don’t hesitate another minute. Tell me about your project, your vehicle and your company and we’ll make it real, together.

If you're considering a vehicle wrap marketing consider this

When you’re out on the road, what catches your eye? Is it a billboard or is it a creatively designed ‘sign’ on a vehicle? Your eyes have probably been drawn towards images, logos, and designs that are splashy and eye-catching, but not tacky or overdone. Vehicle wraps can be an extremely cost effective way to promote your business and build brand recognition. When measured against other forms of advertising, the cost per 1,000 impressions on vehicle wraps is way lower.
Vehicle advertising is an extremely cost-effective way to reach 1,000’s of people. CPM is a measurement advertisers use when pricing their reach. For example, the average cost to reach 1,000 people on television is $17.78. The average cost to reach 1,000 people using a truck wrap is just 77 cents!
Vehicle wraps are great for brand development. When people see your company name consistently, they’ll start to remember your name. When it comes to brand development, recognition and memory are everything. In todays hyper competitive crowded market you just can’t afford to blend in, you have to stand out! A visually stunning, memorable and large logo on vehicle is a great way to get people’s attention.
Vehicle wraps give your business the greatest visibility for the least amount of money. This is exactly what you want from a marketing campaign – visibility in the areas where you do business.

Why Wrap,
not Paint?


Tired of the current design ? Remove the wrap and re-wrap it.


If we eliminate discount paint jobs, which often reduce pricing by eliminating proper preparation, wraps or decals may be more cost effective. Painting a car may range from under $1000 to $8000. Decaling or wrapping a car can run $500 to $2000.

Resale Value

Protecting the manufacturer’s original finish maintains the resale value of the vehicle, and its saleability. Buy a white vehicle, wrap it to your heart’s desire, and have a white vehicle, again, when it’s time to resell.


Especially if you have a complicated multi-vector design — a wrap can be done in days; paint may take much longer.


Using paint limits vehicle advertising to the painted surfaces. By incorporating window film in a wrap, the entire surface of the vehicle may be used for promotion.

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